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Retrato para imagen profesional. Foto Pictum.
Fotografía con el móvil
Barcelona dormida.  Barcelona.


Programming  (+) info



Don´t blame the camera

In a world flooded with technology and sophisticated equipment, it's easy to fall into the trap of blaming the camera for photos that differ from what you were expecting. Join us in this dynamic three-hour experience designed to take your skills to a new level. This interactive session offers hands-on experience and expert guidance.  (+) Info

After the click

what happens after you click? How can you take those photos to the next level and ensure that they truly tell the story you want to convey?  Now it's time to learn what to do... after taking the photos!  (+) Info

Urban perspectives

Embark on a journey to uncover the hidden beauty of urban landscapes in our Urban Perspectives course. Explore the streets and buildings through your lens, as we guide you to capture the city's unique essence from unexpected and creative angles... (+) info

Sleeping Barcelona

As the day comes to a close and it’s time to unwind, consider exploring the enchanting streets of Barcelona at night.  It is a unique time for the city, when the colors and textures of its architecture  become evident under the soft reflexes of its soft light... (+) info

Flavors in focus

Indulge your senses and sharpen your photography skills with our mouthwatering course, 'Flavors in Focus'.  Join us on a culinary adventure where we'll explore the art of capturing the essence of food through the lens.... (+) info

Retrato para imagen profesional.


At Pictum we can also help you with professional portraits for your website. An outdoor or workplace portrait will help you project the right image to your potential clients.  (+) info



Our exclusive interior photography service is focused on companies that are in charge of doing new construction or remodeling homes, so that they can communicate their style of work and the quality of the services provided to their future clients. (+) info

Collage fotografía Pictum


Through this website you have at your disposal select images of our authorship that you can buy to decorate your home or office, with delivery throughout Spain.  (+) info

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