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imagen - taller - barcelona dormida
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Sleeping Barcelona

   Duration:   2-2.5 hours

   Place:  Born, Gothic or Poble Nou

   Groups:  up to 10 people


As the day comes to a close and it’s time to unwind, consider exploring the enchanting streets of Barcelona at night.  It is a unique time for the city, when the colors and textures of its architecture  become evident under the soft reflexes of its soft light.


Join us as we explore the mesmerizing streets and landmarks of Barcelona under the cover of darkness, capturing the city's nocturnal beauty like never before.


Under the guidance of experienced photographers, you'll learn the art of capturing stunning images in low light conditions. 'Sleeping Barcelona' will teach you how to master composition, exposure, and creative techniques to bring your nighttime shots to life.


Experience the thrill of photographing Barcelona's famous architecture, bustling nightlife, and hidden gems after dark. Discover the magic of long exposures, light trails, and creative nightscapes as we roam the city streets in search of the perfect shot.


Whether you're a beginner looking to expand your photography skills or an experienced photographer seeking new inspiration, 'Sleeping Barcelona' promises to awaken your creativity and transform your nighttime photography.


 This experience would not be complete without some time to share your images and the feedback of your group around a nice glass of cava in a place especially chosen for you.


We recommend bringing your fully charged mobile phone or camera so you can fully enjoy this experience.


€79 per person (VAT included)

Go to our event calendar to find the dates for all our offers or click buy. You can also contact us to book a private session of any of our experiences.


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