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After the click

   Duration: 3 hours

   Place: to be defined

   Groups: up to 10 people


In our workshop "Don´t blame the camera," we covered fundamental concepts that have allowed you to capture all those special moments with your camera. But what happens after you click? How can you take those photos to the next level and ensure that they truly tell the story you want to convey?


Now it's time to learn what to do... after taking the photos!


Imagine the situation: you have returned from your two unforgettable weeks vacation. You want to show your photos in a meeting. You do have on your mobile (or camera)  1,153 photos of your trip. After trying to move through the tangle of more than a thousand photos, you lose the attention of your friends and were not able to get to your best images.


If this has ever happened to you, this workshop is for you.


In After the Click, we'll delve into the exciting world of post-processing and photo editing. You'll learn advanced techniques to retouch, enhance, and breathe life into your images, transforming them from simple snapshots into captivating works of art.


We'll give you simple tips you can replicate with your own photos:

iconos después del click
imagenes ajustes de perspectiva

A good portion of the workshop will be dedicated to image editing, using basic tools available at no cost to anyone. Using Apple and Google Photos' native applications, we'll conduct small case studies so you can learn how to adjust correct appearance, distortion, shadows, highlights, and color.


By the end, you'll have developed advanced photo editing skills that will allow you to elevate the level of your images to new dimensions, and you'll have learned to use editing to enhance your visual narrative, achieving more impactful storytelling.


We recommend you bring your phone or tablet fully charged to enjoy this experience 100%.



  • 89€ per person

  • 69€ if you also join Don't blame the camera

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