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imagen interiorismo - backstory
imagen interiorismo



   Duration: 2 hours

   Place: Location of the property



Our exclusive interior photography service is focused on companies that plan and oversee new construction or remodeling homes, so that they can communicate their style of work and the quality of the services provided to their future clients.


We will do a preliminary interview to get to know each other and determine the work plan, including the optimal time for the photographic visit.


Within a period of 4 business days, the client will receive 30 photos, of which they can choose up to 20, which will be delivered with the final edition and in the previously agreed format.




  • Pictum and the client will jointly choose the best hour for the photo session.

  • Please make sure the place is adequately prepared for the session.

  • Only the photographers and the client should be present in the location.



  • €150

  • Additional photo – €15 per photo


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