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Don't blame the camera

Imagen del taller la cámara no tiene la culpa.
Asistente al taller La cámara no tiene la culpa.

   Duration:  3 hours

   Place:  to be defined

   Groups:  up to 10 people


Get ready to submerge yourself in an experience where you will learn and have fun while we explore the fascinating world of photography together.  

In a world flooded with technology and sophisticated equipment, it's easy to fall into the trap of blaming the camera for photos that differ from what you were expecting. The true magic of photography lies in the photographer's ability to capture memorable moments and tell stories.


This course aims to challenge that mindset and empower photographers of all levels to explore their creativity beyond the equipment.


Refine your skills and unleash your creativity. Join us in this dynamic three-hour experience designed to take your skills to a new level. This interactive session offers hands-on experience and expert guidance.



  • Purpose of an image

  • Light and exposure

  • How to grab the camera/mobile

  • Composition

    • Picture

    • Rule of thirds

    • Diagonals


In the first part of the workshop, we will review the main concepts of photography and their practical application to establish a solid foundation for creativity.


In the second part, get ready to put your new knowledge into practice with a photographic project assignment, then share your work for feedback and discussion.


We recommend bringing your fully charged mobile phone or tablet so you can fully enjoy this experience.


  • €89 (VAT  included)

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